"Echo" - The fractured concept of time and how we use it.

A 168 Film Project 2011 Official Selection

Whatever Your Hands Find To Do, Do With All Your Might.



Echo is our entry into the 2011 168 Film Project Film Festival. The 168 Hour Film Project is a competition where producers have 168 hours (1 week) to film and edit an 11-minute or less movie based on a theme and a Bible verse. All films are created during production week and premiere at the 168 Film Festival. At the end of the festival, awards are given to producers for all artistic and technical merit.

We have submitted our short film titled “echo”. We will be able to provide you with the film directly here after April 3rd when the competition winners have been announced. If you live in the Burbank California area we encourage you to attend. This is a showcase to express the talent and spirit of the Christian film professionals and the latest up and comers in this exciting and growing film genre. The world is asking for it we are all working hard to deliver what the movie goers are wanting more of.

Mighty Abraham

Our current feature film project is “Mighty Abraham”. We have been nurturing this one for some time. Now is it’s time. Principle Photography to begin Fall 2012. The excitement for this film is growing every second. We are pleased to announce in our upcoming blog, the details of cast and crew. We are hand selecting those we truly want to be working with on this project and it’s coming together beautifully. We can’t wait to share more.


Past Projects

“On The Scene”

“On The Scene” is a 45 minute film developed for a Dallas based corporation. It is a dramatic depiction of scenarios and risks involved in the Emergency Medical Services Industry. This film is designed to be part of an educational work, for E.M.S. providers and their staff of Paramedics and EMT’s nationwide. Though it is designed as an educational center piece, this film delivers the dramatic and entertaining experience that any other movie made for theaters or TV provide. This is a character rich story that engages you to walk away thinking strongly about your everyday decisions and how they impact strangers and loved ones around you. “On The Scene” is the second feature film based product we developed with the corporation. The first was the two time Telly Award winning “No Small Consequence” completed in and released in 2009.